BILGISIN A.S. was the first and still is the only nomenclature
for insurance claims handling in property, casualty
and marine cargo and ship/yacht surveys,
attached with vigorous recovery services in the
area we cover at Eastern Europe and Western
Near East conveniently centered in Istanbul.

For generations BILGISIN A.S. has been serving
the EU, USA, Near East and Far East Insurance
Markets always with harmony to our Principle’s instructions. Our portfolio of claims handled by us has been several unique millions US Dollars magnitude or multitude of minute few hundred Dollars made no difference in our attitude of professionalism. BILGISIN A.S. has the trained brain and human power and numbers with a mature management to handle all.

As the leading independent marine and none marine surveyors and loss adjusters in Turkey, BİLGİSİN A.S. is instructed by most foreign and domestic insurance companies to handle complicated losses.

With over 10 offices around Turkey, also through Georgian and Azerbaijan offices we can attend immediately to the location where the claim/incident has occurred.


Bilgişin A.Ş. has built a Quality Management System as an integral part of the services that the organization provides to its customers which is always being implemented and revised for its appropriateness. The main framework of this system involves quality objectives, reliability, implementing customer requests and requirements in the appropriate form on time.

Bilgişin A.Ş.'s main task is to improve Quality Management System continuously within the scope of these principles, develop and increase the effectiveness of our policies by explaining them to our employees in the organization by providing the necessary resources to achieve the objectives of the organization.

With the aim of providing professional services that will make us different, we are establishing good relations with our customers to work in close collaboration and realizing expectations in the most effective way.


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